About Us
Our Mission

We are dedicated to enhancing the learner’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to help build the most successful future


Founded by Dwayne Washington in 2000, at Lighthouse Learning and Development we have designed and facilitated
training for business professionals. New designs and formats are created continually to enhance learners' experiences. It
was our initial goal, and remains our goal today, to create training with real world application. Our former learners
continue to use our content years after participating in our workshops.

Our Business Philosophy

We will work to be the best community partner possible, lending a hand whenever feasible whether through charitable
contributions or by donating our time to volunteer efforts. We are dedicated to the tenet of helping, which we will do our
best to achieve in our instructional design and facilitation. Our future success depends on the prosperity of our learners,
clients and those who contribute to the growth of Lighthouse Learning and Development.

Our Core Principles

  1. To deliver training that is applicable beyond the classroom.
  2. To model our belief that reciprocal behaviors lead to success.
  3. To help individuals help themselves, family, friends and their employers prosper.
  4. We are to model the concepts we teach.
  5. To respect the whole person.
  6. To continually strive to improve our products and services.
  7. To work toward profitable growth to ensure the prosperity of those who contribute to the success of Lighthouse
    Learning and Development.


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