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Lighthouse Learning and
Development's Client Facilitation is
a cost-effective way to implement
training solutions involving large
numbers of employees, and
managers. Our certification
program certifies facilitators to
teach our content and adapt it to
your organization’s needs. We
offer client facilitator certification
programs to ensure that you are
highly effective in our content
delivery, while offering choices that
best fit your budget.
Cost Effective
Client Facilitators
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge,
skills and approach to your
Adaptable Training
At Lighthouse Learning and Development, we
offer adaptable training to fit companies,       
groups, and organizations.
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Contact your Lighthouse Learning
and Development designated client
partner to register for a client
facilitation program.

* Prospect Professional

* Business Proficiency

* Lending Excellence

* Sales Performance
Attend A Workshop
* Developing Business Acumen

* Growing Your Business

* Lending Fundamentals

* Consumer Lending

* Mortgage Lending

* Creating Cooperative Selling

* Building Sales Success
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Certify To Teach
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