Strategic Planning
Client Facilitation
Our Client Facilitation is a cost-
effective way to implement training
solutions involving large numbers
of employees, and managers. Our
certification program certifies
facilitators to teach our content
and adapt it to your organization’s
needs. We offer client facilitator
certification programs to ensure
that you are highly effective in our
content delivery, while offering
choices that best fit your budget.
Client Facilitators
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge,
skills and approach to your
Adaptable Training
At Lighthouse Learning and Development, we
offer adaptable training to fit companies,       
groups, and organizations.
Business Consulting
Our Business Consulting provides
companies with a review of year
over year performance. We will
conduct a detailed analysis of your
company’s marketing goals, sales
targets and branding. Our
recommendations are based on
company target markets,
demographics, competition, and
market trends. We will work with
you to implement an action plan to
ensure your desired results are met.
Instructional Design
We recognize that each organization
is unique. As a unique organization
you often need custom solutions to
fit your training needs. We offer
custom client instruction to maximize
your learners' effectiveness,
efficiency and learning experiences.
Our instructional design offers client
solutions ranging from branded
materials to fully customized, highly
relevant content designed to meet
your specific training needs.
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