Client Facilitation
Client Facilitation
Business Training
Instructional Design
In the world of business, the
challenge of growth is
strengthening ties with existing
clients while cultivating new
relationships. Planning, time
management and revenue
generation are fundamental to
business growth.
Business Proficiency
Instructional Design
Learning Concepts
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge,
skills and approach while applying
innovative teaching methods.
Real World Solutions
At Lighthouse Learning and Development we
offer custom training to fit companies, groups,
organizations and individuals.
We are dedicated to
enhancing the
learner's knowledge,
skills, and abilities to
help build the most
successful future
Understanding the many layers
of running a business is essential
in organizational, group and
individual achievement. One of
the foundational aspects of
individual achievement is to seek
personal growth and peak
Mission Statement
Lighthouse Learning and
Development's Client Facilitation is
a cost-effective way to implement
training solutions involving large
numbers of employees and
Our certification
program certifies facilitators to
teach our content while offering
choices that best fit your budget.
Instructional Design
Offering a comprehensive look at
lending to gain a greater
perspective of financial analysis,
credit basics and increased
production. Our Lending Training
helps lenders eliminate buyer
resistance to develop long term
profitable relationships while
crafting loan solutions to meet
client needs.
Success is measured in many
different ways. Business
professionals must find their
measures and pursue them with
energy, ambition, and natural
ability. For success to occur there
has to be a goal and a desire to
achieve that goal, working for and
attainment of that goal.
Beyond selling, helping your clients
succeed in kind and quality is the
foundation of our natural
approaches to sales success.  
Lighthouse Learning Sales
Performance Programs integrate
communication skills with
disciplined business thinking and
effective execution.
Our Business Proficiency
Solutions help businesses and
business professionals build
world class growth and
development strategies for
existing and new clients. We focus
on the importance of goals, how
to achieve them and how to track
success and results.
Our Instructional Design Program
uses a "real world" repeatable
design process that extends
beyond the classroom to ensure
improvement in your
organization's day-to-day
endeavors. Design flexibility is the
cornerstone of our Instructional
Design. From participant-centered
to lecture-based training, we have
a solution.
At Lighthouse Learning we
believe each organization is
unique, and Custom Training
Solutions are often best to
improve organizational
performance. At Lighthouse
Learning and Development, we
offer training alternatives to fit
your needs from branded
instructional materials to custom
solutions for training workshops.
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Our participant centered approach
to training honors the intelligence
of business professionals and
focuses on the needs of adult
Lighthouse Learning and
Development our aim is to help
your organization  improve the
mastery of specific behaviors to
enhance your business and
increase your bottom line.