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Custom Design
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Custom Learning
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge,
skills and approach while applying
innovative teaching methods.
Flexible Design
At Lighthouse Learning and Development we
offer custom instructional design to fit your
group or organization.
Instructional Design
At Lighthouse Learning and
Development, we recognize that
your organization is unique. As a
unique organization you often
need custom solutions to fit your
training needs. We offer custom
client instruction to maximize your
learners' effectiveness, efficiency
and learning experiences. Our
instructional design offers client
solutions ranging from branded
materials to fully customized,
highly relevant content designed to
meet your specific training needs.
Custom Design I
Customize Lighthouse Learning and
Development curriculum materials
to your brand.

* Add Your Company Logo

* Incorporate Your Company Name

* Add your mission, vision and values

* Incorporate your references

* Add your protocols
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Custom Design II
Enhance Lighthouse Learning and
Development materials to your

* Adapt content

* Create PowerPoint Slides

* Modify case studies, exercises

* Add new content

* Revise leaders guide
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Learn More About Custom Design
Custom Design Solutions
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